Maintaining a healthy teeth that look, feel strong and  clean can help with a number of factors of your life. It reduces pain, increase  self-confidence, and help make positive
impressions on others.Achieving a  clean, strong white teeth depends on two things , having a healthy oral hygiene routine and using cosmetic treatments to whiten teeth.
 We all will agree that a healthy teeth is a happy mouth.

DAILY HYGIENE ROUTINE: It is very important to brush two to three times on a daily basis. Mainly in the morning's and evenings. If one is opportuned to get it done at mid day that would really help.

USE FLOURIDE PASTE: It is very important to get a good floride paste to help prevent these bacterial that cases cavity. We have several number of toothpaste in stores just be sure to pick one which contains fluoride.

CHANGE YOUR TOOTHBRUSH : most times we forget to replace our toothbrushes,normally toothbrushes are meant to be replaced after three months. It shouldn't be used beyond that,this is a very easy way of getting tooth cavity. Having in mind while purchasing a toothbrush is that it's bristles has to be very soft! Not tough.

MOUTH WASH: having a mouth wash is very important,it's very easy to use especially when one has snacked on those sugary food, all you need do is to gaggle and spit out.mouth wash not only helps to prevent cavity it also helps to avail mouth odour.Always remember to purchase mouth wash that contains fluoride.

SNACKING : Most cavity problems are associated to sweets and sugary foods ,for instance chocolate,candies cakes ice-cream. Adequate cut down of these items can drastically prevent cavity and maintain white and strong teeth. These food items should not to taken before bed time because they stick to our teeth and  which promotes bacteria.

VISIT A DENTIST: It is advised by health professionals to visit a dentist once or twice's very important to healthy tooth. But in a situation where one is experiencing tooth ache,hole in the teeth ,difficulty while biting it chewing be sure you are goi g to visit more than once a year.

We have some natural way to whiten our teeth which involves using mashed strawberries which contain an enzyme called metallic acid ,these acid aids the whitening of teeth. Just mash the berries and apply on your teeth allow to stay for 5minutes and rinse.

Another method is using Lemon and adding a tea spoon of baking soda then apply to the teeth leave it for few minutes and rinse.

"Be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you.".....Soupy Sales.

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