Femmeluxe  Finery is an online clothing store, if you have been following my page, you will notice  the love i have for Femmeluxe! as i always rock their outfit, their "loungewear "collections are  created to fit any body type in the best way possible. The materials used  is of good  quality, great finishing, with unique styles,  that are meant to flatter any body type, not the mannequins . Lol  FemmeLuxe Finery is very unique with their styles  and their collections are made with so much love and  care. 

Online shoppers, if you haven't shopped with Femmeluxe Finery, then please, shop with them at Femmeluxe Finery,  i promise you a good experience.  Shopping online is fun with Femmeluxe, wait a sec! have you seen their "loungewearset" Aww its so beautiful and colorful, remember you will always get the right fit, believe me their measurements are always accurate. 

I don't want to bore you with my lengthy speech,  just take a look at these awesome pieces Femmeluxe Finery gifted me with yet again am I not a lucky lady, I mean I really couldn't recognize myself anymore on these outfit.

1. Blue Half Denim Distressed Button Up Shirt Dress 

2.white 'La Femme' Slogan Print Lip T-Shirt

Black Ruched Midi Bodycon Dress 

4. White Cropped Denim Jackets 

Blue Half Denim Distressed Button Up Shirt Dress :  Take your look up a notch and add some sass to your 'fit , This dress is a must have in every fashionista's "drope",  the look is cute very fresh and fabulous. It can be worn to work as a business casual outfit, it can also be worn to business meetings,  to malls etc. team with a pair of fresh white trainers, oversized shades and a crossbody bag to keep it always on point, girl you are good to go!  I really love the fit of this dress, though I feel I got a big size but I love it all the  same.

2.white 'La Femme' Slogan Print Lip T-Shirt: my obsession with shirt dresses has no bounds lol. This is a lovely fit, its a Tee, so I decided to go with the XL size just to make it a shirt dress, I wanted to play around and it came out really lovely, I love how soft and comfortable it feels. Team with a pair of ripped jeans,bum short and some fresh trainers for a look that will bang on the 'gram. 

3.Black Ruched Midi Bodycon Dress : this slinky Bodycon dress right here i am obsessed, what! Femmeluxe Finery, thank you for making me belive in gowns, i now know that I can wear a gown and it will seriously give me the fit I desire, I hardly wear gowns, reason been that I have not seen the right fit and the one that compliments my body type, but, this I am all in. Thank you Femmeluxe I love you guys. 

White Cropped Denim Jackets : This jacket is best to none, its high fashion, I feel I am on the run way, the likes of Kim Kardashians,  this is gorgeous,  its unbelievably unique AF. You can wear these over any spaghetti gown, oversized Tees and you are good to go.

I love these collections from Femmeluxe,  they are truly fresh, chic and fabulous. The most fascinating thing about Femmeluxe is that they are very affordable and they ship worldwide, go checkout their "Lounge Set" at Femmeluxe and you will thank me later.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post,  I know Femmeluxe will furnish me with more of their collections,  I can't wait to see what they have next. Until then keep shopping Femmeluxe! Xoxo 

Femme Luxe Clothing Review

Femme Luxe has once again served me with some wonderful pieces of clothing.  Though


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Femmeluxe finery has once again served me with


Heeyi lovelies, is it still safe to wish you a happy new year? Haha oh well happy new year dolls, i hope your year is heading off on a good slate, mine is already looking good as one of my favorite online fashion stores just gifted me yet again with some gorgeous pieces from their collection which I am about to review,  they are none other than Femmeluxe finery!! yup you heard me Femmeluxe finery as in i literary brag about them because they give me cause to hahaha madd ooo. Lest I forget, if you haven't seen the previous Femmeluxe pieces I reviewed see here.

For those who are still not sure about what Femmeluxe represents, here you go, Femmeluxe represents class, Elegance, chic, style envy. Femmeluxe is an online fashion store that believes that every lady /woman regardless of where you are in the world should look good and stylish at every point in time without breaking the bank, their prices are affordable, their materials are unbelievably great and they are reliable, what you see on their site is what you get, remember they ship worldwide

Before I begin to bore you, let's dive into the business of day, So I picked

  • Black Utility Tie Waist Shirt Mini Jacket Dress 

  • Silver Metallic Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress 

  • Rust Ribbed Bardot Belted Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Bell

  • Brown Ribbed Belted Co-Ord - Alannah

Black Utility Tie Waist Shirt Mini Jacket Dress 

Regular price £51.99 £17.99 (66% OFF)

The Femmeluxe black utility tie waist shirt mini jacket it's an ultimate must have.
It’s a look that’s been gradually rising the ranks over the course of the year, proving its versatility. I personally love this look, because of its cargo pockets, belts and detailed buttons. It’s clear this trend isn’t going away any time soon, so if you haven’t yet hopped on the utility tie waist jackets bandwagon, now’s the time.

I mean I couldn't resist this jacket as you can wear it as a dress, over a co-ord, loungewear set, bodysuit, bikes short, jeans or even pants depending on the occasion. I decided to style mine with a pair of denim and it looked great. This look is super duper cute and easy to pull together,and only retails at, £17.99

Silver Metallic Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress 

£19.95 £1.99 (91% OFF)

This lovely outfit, is chic, sexy, comfortable and above all sparkly. If you love sparkles you will definitely love this one. We are still in the party upon party season, as valentine is around the corner hmmm this dress will make anyone sizzling and dazzling real hot. If you're heading to parties, date nights, evening out with friends, make sure you reach for these sexy glitter dress or bodycon dresses you can never go wrong, rather you stand out.

Only retails at £1.99. Its unbelievably sexy

Mini dress
Size 6-16

Rust Ribbed Bardot Belted Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Bell

£39.98 £17.99  (62% OFF)
Jumpsuits are cute and trendy, but they’re not exactly the easiest things to wear. Getting the correct length is tricky, choosing the right fit is crucial, and let’s not even talk about how they leave you fully naked when you need to use the bathroom,hahaha but that's the little price to pay for a more chic alternative  to the usual pull over or  that every day t-shirts and Jean's routine.

I love this material, the texture is to die for, it's a shade of orange, I love this fit because it's long, the off shoulder style is sexy, the colour compliments my skin, its comfortable, It also has a belt that adds extra cuteness to the jumpsuit. It has palazzo kind of feeling in a more comfortable and chic way.

This style is very versatile as you can rock it for movies or wear it to work on a casual Friday yaay, shopping with friends as well as for get togethers with friends and family. It's fun, playful,  gorgeous and chic.

Like I said earlier, consider the length and fabric that will flatter your body before choosing jumpsuit. Let's get shopping ladies! Only retails at £17.99

Wide leg
Size 6-16

Brown Ribbed Belted Co-Ord - Alannah

Regular price£41.98 £15.99 (62% OFF)

The brown ribbed belted co-ord is a shade of brown and purple. The fit accentuates the curves in a positive way. The top is fitted and has a belt, the trouser also is fitted but flared.

I love this fit because you can easily switch from cooperate to casual in a snap. This look is very comfortable and it leaves you looking gorgeous. Only retails  at £15.99.

Size 6-14

Which is your favorite? As for me I loooove them all, can't wait for more fits from Femmeluxe finery as for now keep shopping Femmeluxe.


This post is about fashion and it is in collaboration with femme luxe. Been classy has and would always be a woman’s thing, like me,  I love fashion though I can be camera shy but hey!  If you want to look classy and stand out with your fashion just think of


Been classy has been and would always be a woman’s world. If you want to look classy and stand out with your fashion just think of

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