Once again it is that time of  the year when it is impossible to forget that Christmas is just around the corner, we see advertising on our TVs, in the shops, on the radio and we read about it in magazines and newspapers,
but what is Christmas all about? How have things changed since the time that Christmas began?

Originally Christmas was all about Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus, now it has become a time where the kids are looking forward to seeing what Santa has left for them in their Christmas stockings and under the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) was a wealthy man who gave gifts to poor who were struggling financially, however, he didnt want them to know where the gifts had come from, so he gave in such a way so the folk would find his gifts but not know who gave them, hence the myth about Father Christmas.

However, for many people nowadays, Christmas has become a time where families worry about the cost of Christmas rather than looking forward to the occasion. The temptation to take out loans and credit cards can prove to be irresistible with the thought of Christmas costs looming and how they are going to afford it.

Having said that, people do like to celebrate Christmas, it is a time when families come together to party and celebrate, however, the costs involved is still a major factor of the celebrations. The purchasing of decorations, food, drinks and spending on travel all adds to the cost, proving that Christmas is the most expensive time of the year. But some Christmas pop up shops has made it quite easy for people to walk in and choose christmas decorations that are budget friendly.

Christmas needs to be a time to put smiles on peoples faces, not the time to cause stress and difficulty in trying to keep up with  the modern trend of spending so much in other to enjoy what should ordinary be a happy occasion. Christmas is about family and I hope my family understands that it is better to have a token gift rather than get me in debt.

Merry Christmas !!!


Zonamom said...

Such a great read. Thank you for sharing this.

Unknown said...

Yes! Thank you for the gentle reminders of Christmas! I'm guilty of getting wrapped up in the gift buying, especially by mid-December, but when Christmas Eve hits, I mellow and truly enjoy the meaning of Christmas. XO

Angela Milnes said...

It is a time for giving and that is something I am trying to teach my child.

Misty N said...

I could not agree with you more! Christmas truly is all about giving, or should be atleast

Unknown said...

I totally agree! Christmas should bring joy, not stress!

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