Every lady wants to have a date, or be in an amazing relationship  and we all have some unique qualities that we hope and wish our partners will complement. I remember when I was in my teens, I usually hear a lot and read a lot about Relationships, Marriages, Courtships etc. I wondered
how it always ended. Then our very own  mills & bones and temptations didn't make it any better. I was carried away with those illusions, that the authors portrayed  in their novels, when I felt I was ready for a relationship, I loved them to ten bits. But as maturity set in, I began to realize that there is no such thing as been super perfect, but perfect yes I guess! you know what I mean,  For me been perfect doesn't all necessarily mean physical beauty, yea I know it does in some cases, well as a petit girly girl  when I was looking out for dates I kept in mind the five qualities I wanted in a partner. Well For our dear singles still searching for a perfect date, especially an online date, you can look up this site on adult dating  you will be wowed.

Here are my best five qualities to look out for.

HONESTY; This here is very important in every relationship/courtship etc which ever one you are involved in right now. when couple are in love  with genuine  honesty in-between , that relationship will never run sour, honesty  in getting to know each other. The parties involved has to be open and truthful to each other. I have once been in a relationship that wasn't honest and I can say it was just a total waste of time.

ROMANTIC; Well, as a lady, who doesn't love a romantic partner? as for me, my man has to be very romantic, holding my hands while strolling, having to hug or kiss, telling me how much  he loves me, waking me up in the morning with a good morning call and wishing me a great day, I mean I love that, then of course we can gift ourselves, go on a hike, just do fun romantic things together, believe me it species up the relationship.

DRESS SENSE; your dressing should be on point, there is nothing as annoying as you not been proud of your man just because of the way he dresses. I love men that loves fashion and as such dress accordingly. you don't need to break the bank wanting to become a fashionista, combining two and two pieces and boom!  one question a friend asked me was that , what if you love this guy and he doesn't know how to dress. the answer is simple, I will teach him, every body is not a fashionista, some pay people to choose their go for your man teach him and get moving!

HEIGHT: I have always loved tall guys, lol maybe because am petit, not because of mills and bones this time lol, but because its among the qualities I love in a man. I feel much safer and protected when am close to my partner and he is some inches higher.

GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR; I love been around people that ease that stress away. I love, love my man to be vey humorous, he just has to tickle my fancy. lol.  there shouldn't be any dull moment with him. He has to be very playful and interesting to be with. lets play like kids and get that relationship more spicy and fun.

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These are my top amazing five qualities I look out for in a man,  do you agree with mine? I love to hear yours. yaay.


Daria von DBK Stylez said...

The whole romantic stuff is a big problem for me because I don´t like it. My husband always wants to hold my hand though.



Unknown said...

I love guys with a good sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Really Amazing ! Well Written and Thank you sharing

Mama Writes Reviews said...

Interesting post! Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Its always interesting to read what is on other women's lists. Humor and Honesty is definitely big ones for me. I couldn't have married my husband without those things. ;)

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