Shoes are a Woman's world. Can we ever
have enough of shoes?
I guess not but if you are a shoe freak like me, whether you are window shopping or shopping for your shoes as a necessity or for fun, it is highly significant to update yourself with the prevailing fashion and the newest styles of foot wears that is the key to staying stylish and sexy at all times.

Funny she Jill (FSJ) is a shoe brand synchronized with the international fashion, taking super fashion design and attractive prices. FSJ means extremely "innovative "or "Adventurous" ,which symbolises the modern woman's life characteristics of pursuit for fashion and vitality. They aim to help women realize their dream of fashion and pursuit of quality.

Nude and Black Stiletto Heel Pointed Toe Clear Heels Pumps
Every classy lady, should own as many pairs of these sexy vintage heels as possible in her arsenal. The sexy and fearless cut, fashionable design and exceptional craftsmanship makes it very special and unique. Step out in style as a classy, vintage actress that has a vibe of wisdom and elegance in these vintage heels. Interestingly, vintage heels have padded insole that are designed and made to allow all day long comfort.  How cool is that.

Magenta and Green Stiletto Heels Suede Lace Up Strappy Heels Pumps

Red Suede Shoes Pointy Toe Stiletto Heel Pumps for Office Lady

Be it a vibrant color, a statement print, or ultra sexy detailing, the ranges of Vintage Heels comes in many colors and textures. Some are the mono colored that have smooth feel to them, as well as a classic, simple design with a buckle to add support and pop of color.  Some can also come with a few more design elements to help your heel stand out but also compliment your outfit. These are often worn to elegant gatherings with humble, sophisticated guest. While other Vintage Heels can have more colors and a more crazy design which are great for  everyday use. FSJshoes offer something for every type of  occasion.

Khaki and Orange Ankle Strap Sandals Open Toe Suede High Heels

Black and Gold Evening Shoes Ankle Strap Stiletto Heels Suede Sandals

Although silhouettes, pump, strip and color schemes changes from season to season, these classic retro and vintage collection of FSJ shoes such as,wedge, slingback, peep toe, pump and vintage boots are not going out of style soon. FSJ has got the most gorgeous shoe  designs from attention grabbing, to statement heels and loafers, to say the least. They are comfortable and affordable.
Pink Block Heel Sandals Suede Closed Toe  
Strappy Heels

Red Lace up Heels Leopard Print Suede Pumps Stiletto Heels

Most people who are very busy with work schedules and can not create time to shop in the regular market especially during this festive season can simply log into the internet and look for beautiful options on FSJ site  which is extremely user friendly, it is a one stop shop for all shoe lovers. it saves time, it's less stressful and you get to choose from  beautiful range of  designs on  FSJ  retro and vintage shoes.

Let's get gorgeous on our heels, click to shop and stock your closet with all the necessary seasonings! you will be very glad you did.

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