This post is about fashion and it is in collaboration with femme luxe. Been classy has and would always be a woman’s thing, like me,  I love fashion though I can be camera shy but hey!  If you want to look classy and stand out with your fashion just think of

Femme Luxe finery

Femme Luxe is a fabulous, classy and trendy online fashion brand. They hit the nail on the head when they said they are the leading fashion brand for fashionistas and I agree a 100%. You know why? Their dresses are top notch and affordable. They make you stand out in any occasion, be it Party Dress, Boss lady, casual, fun, classy look. Femme Luxe got you covered. You know when you look your best you feel confident.

I was over the moon when I was contacted to pick four! I mean four Dresses of my choice. I got to work immediately and made my choice, I will say the delivery was super fast and the dresses were very intact, no stains, well fitted, materials on point, well tailored and neat, I was quite impressed even with the way I was kept updated during the shipping process.

Here are some of the dresses I picked, thank you femme luxe for the gift. I will be reviewing them, come along as I do this and don’t forget to tell me the one you prefer in the comment section below, as for me I love them all....

Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress

This look is beyond divine! It is a wardrobe essential. Every lady needs  a sexy black dress like this one. I mean look how gorj' I look. This material is good, cool  and so comfortable, most importantly simple, classy and affordable . This classy look can be worn to different events, be it meetings, church, date nights, just Keep your summer look beyond classy in this luxe Black belted bodycon midi dress. Dress it up with a killer heel and you are gooood to go!

This is a  size 14

Black Chain Print Belted Satin Shirt Mini Dress

I soooo love this look. Its classy and fun all in one! At first I was nervous about this look right here, I have always felt shirt dresses aren't for me, but that proved so wrong, I think I have been getting the wrong sizes and parttern all along. This might be shocking but this is the first time I would admire a shirt dress on my body, Truth be told I admire it on other ladys but it has never worked for me, but heyyy! look,  your girl is on fireeee!! This look is so fun, very classy and simple. All thanks to femme Luxe for making me look different and chic, from now on I am getting more of these shirts. You too can feel the summer vibes flowing in this Black Chain Print Belted Satin Mini Shirt Dress.  This dress can be worn for a date night, cinema for movies, it is  also very comfortable for boarding the next flight, for brunch and shopping,  infact the list goes on and on and on, you know why? Because It is very versatile and can be styled in any way you want, depending on where you are going,  it doesnt get boring at all. This look isnt fading soon, if you dont have this shirt dress i think you might need to update your closet, thats for sure!

chain Print
button down
shirts dress
model wears a size ML

This look here is truely a fashion envy. I love love it. At first I felt the khaki trousers where a lot bigger than me, because I opted for size 12, I felt I made the wrong choice, but no,  it came out very ohk, then I realized that it shouldn't be too tight nor  too fitted. it just has to be free to bring out the swag, I would say it fits perfectly. This look am tripping, everythingy about this is perfect!
Every fun lady needs this in her closet 'so obsessed!  with these Khaki Cuffed Cargo Trousers they are classic, chic and comfortable. For me there are some days i want to feel free not cagged in a dress, and at the same time stay stylish. This outfit does that for me in a very mature way. You can practically go anywhere and everywhere rocking this outfit and feel very unique. You've got this, girl! outing with friends, catching a movie in a cinema. Don't forget, go shopping for Tops at femme Luxe and get that very exceptional look.

Cuffed Leg
Cargo Pockets
Size 12

This look is simply wow! I know my upper body is a lot bigger than my lower body, so I felt this will not look so good on me. But look how sophesticated I look, its fitted, it's flattering, its slinky, its fun. I might not have an hourglass shape but it does compliment my body type, the materials used for this dress is to die for, this  look is perfect for any event. Like I always say,  fashion is free, if you feel confident in your outfit it reflects right through you. So go get that luxe feeling in this Camel One Shoulder Slinky Midi Dress and you wouldn't regret a thing. This gorj' slinky ruched material is certain to turn heads! I need to loud it,  Team this one shoulder belted design with a pair of killer heels for a killer look. Mua!!

One Shoulder
Midi Dress
Size 12

Wow! Look how gorgeous these styles are, do you love them? I definitely loveee them all. This is a must have this season, don’t be left in the dark, remember you can as well get a discount while placing your order from femme luxe finery so dive in and shop Sparkly Dress for yourself and your loved ones. The intriguing thing is that they sell out real fast and they offer worldwide delivery. I can attest to that.

I would recommend femme Luxe to anyone and everyone,  they really came through, what you see in their site is what you get for sure,  these 4 pieces of clothing where made with really good materials, all the cloths where true to size, this is truly the first time that I would not have issues with what I ordered online. Sometimes with other designers,  its either size mixup or getting a totally different thing from what I ordered.

Femme Luxe finery aims to deliver the best, modern, fresh style trend to all the women with style around the globe at the best affordable price. All you need do is visit their website now.

I love all you dolls,  I am definitely getting some more fits from Femme Luxe, I will keep you lovelies updated with Femme Luxe Finery latest fashion trends, before then keep shopping Femme Luxe. Xx

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