Femmeluxe finery has once again served me with
some of their hot  fabulous outfit, these outfits speak elegance, classy yet sassy. The reason I chose these styles is because they are street friendly, ready to go kinda thing and they are way easy to switch from casual to corperate in a snap, I would say its comfortability meets style. LOL  truth be told since I discovered Femmeluxe finery i have been glued.

1. Mid wash Distressed ripped mom jeans 

2. Kharki camo Print Paperbag waist trousers

3 .Black Love Yaself Print T-shirt 

4.Nude Longsleeve Crew Neck Crop Top 

These where my picks, for this post they are soooo comfy yet stylish.

Wait a sec! Have  you visited Femmeluxe finery site lately? Are you still in doubt? You don't need to be! go browse  their online store and shop some lovely Trousers and Corset Dress some of which  I am about to review, they have tons of designs, check for yourselves, their fabrics are unbelievable with great quality and their prices are very affordable. They make clothing with very comfortable fabric, their design are top notch, cloths are chic, gorgeous, sparkly, girly and bossy. They got you covered, remember they deliver worldwide.  I always brag about Femmeluxe finery because they always give me a reason to, their deliveries are really fast and their sizes are on point. I have never been disappointed.

Mid wash Distressed ripped mom jeans 

Nothing says stylish like a chic pair of modern  mom jeans coupled with been distressed and  ripped all in one, c'mon now.

It retails for £33.98 £14.99 (56% OFF)

 The cute thing about this look is that it can be styled as casual with some sneaks and a cute clutche or cross bag, as well as styled as corperate  with blazers, then complete the look  with some killer heels. However you wish to style it, it's fashionable and always versatile. This jeans is a definition of comfort and style.

Kharki camo Print Paperbag waist trousers

Retails for £43.99 £21.99 (51% OFF)

Kharki camo trousers are very stylish,  I love this look especially the highlights of the buttons and the paperbag waist. It has a band on the ankle that gives it s complete chic look bringing out that extra gorgeousness in the outfit.

This look is also a comfortable and elegant look any day any time. Complete with  printed Tshirts and heels or sneaks. Then you are good to go.

Black Love Yaself Print T-shirt 
retails £11.98 £7.99 (34%OFF)

This Black Love Yaself print Tshirt is everything, the fabric is so sleek and calm on the body, like! I love this Tee,

it can be paired with denim shorts, skinny jeans, mom Jean's, as it is very Black Lace Bodysuit comfortable and elegant,not forgetting the caption, which is also cute.  I think I am gonna get more fit for a different shade, I love the fabric. Muah

Nude Longsleeve Crew Neck Crop Top 
 Retails for £17.98 £10.99 (39% OFF)

This look right here, took me out of my comfort zone, like really not a huge fan of crop tops,  but this  Nude Longsleeve Crew Neck Crop Top blew me away, I paired it with  distressed ripped Jeans and utility blazers it's on fleek y'all.  Will i order this crop top again ya with a capital Y.

So what do ya'll think about these sizzling street styles? how would you have styled yours?
please do hit me up with your favorite style in the comment section and on  Instagram

I know I will get more fun fits from Femmeluxe finery but until then always shop Femmeluxe. Xx


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