Hello ladies and gents, been a while here but am so excited that my baby has attained a huge mile stone
Having gone through  the pregnancy and delivery stages thank God!!!Ahhh,it was not an easy road for me.could it be because  I spaced so much in-between  I don't get it,but I already have two beautiful and lovely girls why do I fell like this is the first.

I had to do  lots of exercises  including trekking because I was already past my due date,I remember my mum would  say , what will be will be,don't stress relax the baby will come at its time but that was not the case for me.I was so huge that I couldn't work pretty fast ,because I always did for my previous pregnancies. But hey! No two pregnancies are the same .

Waited and waited patiently but baby was still relaxed then I was booked for an appointment to be induced, oginikwa !!  But truth be told, i will say that,it was the best delivery for me so far. It was just a simple process the doctor, inserted a tablet he divided into four parts into my vgay, and that was it ,I didn't know I was in labour until I was checked and was 7cm dilated I was just sleeping and snoring lol. I didn't spend 5 minutes the baby jumped out to the world weighing 4.04kg .
Just about when the nurses wanted  to set a line for me(drip). wait  what! 4.gini  thats  indeed a huge sweetheart and no tier.

Well baby is doing well and has clocked a very huge milestone  6 months to be precise!
Well, exclusive was fun but tedious,so now back to reality, she is struggling to feed on solids ,rather she prefers to drink  liquid stuff like yogurt, fanta which isn't advisable from my research etc.
So I thought to myself let me just try and play around with some food for her,so I boiled meat and collected the stock and she took it really well. Then egg pudding was another food she accepted, am now gradually  introducing millet pap (jero)  mixed with soy bean powder,crayfish,bonga fish and groundnuts, very nutricious and yummy .
This is indeed the way I started introducing solids to my baby.
 Wow! God bless mothers and mothers to be.

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