Pancakes are  deliciously tasty snack, easy to prepare and liked by many,  both the old,young,teens and even the toddlers,pancakes are one of the cost effective breakfast ideas you can think of. It is rich in protein,carbohydrate,fats and oil and minerals that means, it is truly a balanced diet.

Pancakes are as old as God knows when in existence, I remember when i was little, mom use to make it a lot and even drop it in our lunch box to take to school. Its just like a tradition and now am glad i have passed it on to my kids. feels good .LoL.

Well, here am going to give you simple recipe for pancake, I will make the measurement as simple as possible.

Flour ........3 milk cups
Sugar............3 table spoons leveled
Groundnut oil........3 tablespoons
Peak milk..............2 sachets
vanilla and butterscotch flavor.......2 teaspoons each
Onion...........grated small ball
Pinch of salt
Nutmeg........1 teaspoons
Pepper (optional)

Here are some tools you will need

Nonstick frying pan
Perforated spoon.

In a bowl plate brake in your eggs,mix your powdered milk with water in another plate before adding it to the egg ,please it should be a little thick not so runny,ehn so add all the other ingredients to the batter except water . It should look like this........

mix properly then start adding your flour to the batter, keep adding until your batter gets a little tough to stare then stop .
At this point add water ,this is kind of tricky because your consistency depends on the thickness of your pancake.when adding water be very observant for it not to get to runny and not to thick. It has to be moderate like the pic below...........

Then its time to heat it up,add a little amount of groundnut oil or butter to your frying pan,allow it to get hot,then add the batter,it should look flat like this ..

Wait for few seconds and flip over to the other side,wait for few seconds too , So repeat the process untill you finish up.

viola your pancakes are ready to be served. It can be taken with soft drink ,beverages etc.



Tessy Onyia said...

Aww! Now this looks yummy! reminds me of mummy, am a huge fan of pancakes and am not denying it Lol.

Chelsea said...

Aww!😍thanks lovers of pancake.

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