Insomnia is simply a sleeping disorder         which usually happens to people of           different ages , babies,toddlers teens and  adults.

Insomnia is  an inability to fall asleep, stay asleep and/or get deep enough sleep, which creates numerous physiological problems over time. It's estimated that as many as 95% of  of people experience periods of insomnia at some stage during their lives.
Stress , which is one of the common and major factors of insomnia , often due to financial concern, workplace issues or relationship problems. However, other factors may play a significant role in insomnia, such as your diet, medical conditions, and/or prescription medications.


Exercise: Regular physical activity can help regulate your sleep cycle. If you don't have an exercise routine already, working to establish one can help you combat insomnia. Strive for 20 to 30 minutes of regular vigorous activity each day. This should be in form of aerobic exercises like biking, jogging, sports, or aerobic routines you can find online. Just engage in any form of exercise you are comfortable in doing.

Limit Day Time Napping: Usually, it is healthy to nap for about 30mins to 1 hour doing day time or you totally skip napping during the day. But in situations where u nap for a long stretch during day time, it will definitely affect your sleep at night. So limiting day time naps helps.

Make Your Sleeping Area Attractive And Relaxing. It is always advisable to make your beds and sheet very clean and nicely arranged. Remember to put an Air conditioner or a fan to keep the room airy. There should be no noise at all, alarm clocks should be switched off totally, so as to enable one switch off his or her brain entirely to catch a great sleep.

Heavy Dinner: Try as much as possible to change your eating patterns especially at night,don't take  heavy food or drinks that contains caffeine,nicotine,alcohol and only snack light. Heavy meals a few hours before bedtime can cause indigestion and discomfort. This can result in an inability to sleep. Stick to light, healthy snacks before bedtime like whole grains, fruit, and low fat dairy.

Check your medications, ask your doctor if any of your current prescription medications may be contributing to your insomnia. If they are, see about switching medication types or altering doses. Check the labels of any over-the-counter meds you take regularly. If they contain caffeine or stimulants like pseudoephedrine they may be causing your insomnia.

 Depression is one of the main causes of chronic insomnia. This leads me to think more about the relationship between sex and sleep. If an individual is unable to sleep because they are unhappy or stressed, then what  can change their mood or feelings? Sex may be the solution as it has many benefits for the mind, body, and soul. I had never thought about it too closely, but the brain is the largest sense organ because of the vital role it plays in sexual arousal.

"Relax and let go, everything else will come naturally"


Claire said...

Thanks for this interesting post!


Claire from Dresscape

Olaa Bobade said...

I'm guilty of heavy dinner/midnight snacking. I take long daytime naps too. It's hard getting sleep on days I do basically nothing!
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Paty Domingues said...

Dicas maravilhosas, insonia acaba com a qualidade de vida



Unknown said...

Thank you sweetheart,please try as much as possible to reduce heavy food at night and long time nap during day time. Thank for dropping by. Xox.

Sauniya said...

Nice tips. I can sleep much when I'm stressed. i haven't found anything that works so far for me. Thanks for sharing :)
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