I still can't phantom the fact that  Christmas has finally come and gone so fast,  I hope you all had a great time with family and friends,  it was indeed fun packed for me especially in the kitchen with my family preparing a lot of yummy ish food and snacks. Lol

Now we look forward to the new year with a lot of expectations. yaay!
Just barely few days remaining to step into the new year 2018, hmm that sounds so exciting, we hope that the new year, brings us all better opportunities and breakthrough. Let me the first to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!!!!!

Do you believe in all these new year resolutions thingy?  Hmmmm,
As I was reminiscing about the whole year 2017, I realized that I had made a new year resolution and guess what? some were achieved but not all, you know what, sometimes I wonder  how many people actually get to achieve all theirs, like me I didn't achieve all mine, am not gonna beat myself up, and I advise if you are in my shoes don't beat your self up, so many have become so disappointed just because they didn't meet their goal, but hopefully 2018 will  definitely be different, ohk now! so what happens to those not achieved, well I am not so excited about that, but I think it gives me room to work harder and smarter in the coming year. 

Will you have a new year resolution in the coming year? For me I think having a resolution is just like writing down your expectations for the coming year, planing for the future, figuring  ways to make improvements, be it your personal life, career and relationships. Believe me I had a lot of resolutions in the past years but because I didn't pen it down, I realized I had deviated from the original plan. So for me I think it keeps me more organized and on check  to follow through and achieve one thing before heading to the next project. This is my own personal opinion what about yours?

Kindly drop your comments, I would really love to hear from you all.
Do you believe in new year resolutions? 

Has it been helpful or harmful?

Did you achieve all your resolutions? I love to learn more!

All I wish and pray for us all, is to have a great 2018. You have all been awesome.

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