End of the year, especially beginning from the month of November starts becoming  busy for me not only because of Christmas preparations but because of Birthdays!  Birthdays!! Birthdays!!!. I literally start baking from the month of November down to December 31st and into mid January. How exciting! I love baking though. Lol.  Birthdays! Birthdays!! Birthdays!!! Our birthdays are  lined  up between these months, How great!

 My first baby was born in November, then follows the second who was  born on the 5th of Dec, just barely three days before mine  which was yesterday. Yaay, don't mind me please as I am still in a celebration mood. Yaay!

I remembered when I had her, she was just the perfect birthday gift ever received, family and friends where like Aww, you unwrapped your gift before your birthday, that's so right because I was actually expecting her on my birthday, but when labour started I was like ohk, am gonna have her before my big day. 

One excitement I get towards the end of year is looking forward to celebrating another year  I mean I am very thankful for life, am thankful to God for guiding us all through the months, after my own celebration comes my hubby's birthday,  then comes  Christmas, the very reason for the the season, then my Daddy's. Well  you see how busy and exciting the end of year brings me.

Am not finished yet, yet another one in January, my very lil Princess, who happens to be my elder brothers birthday mate. Common now, all these birthdays are so special.

Am so grateful for life, good health, good friends and you all reading this, wonderful family, business opportunities and many more.

What are you grateful for?

Happy Birthday to me! Cheers to December babies, merry Christmas!


Adventureswithcourtt said...

Happy Birthday!!

Chelsea said...

Thank you dear!

Kelsey&Kenecha said...

Beautiful post!! Happy Birthday to you!


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