Writing letters and sending personalized cards to loved ones, expressing deeply how you feel has always felt
awesome, likewise receiving letters and cards from a loved one,  then you  begin to appreciate the effort, time and resources spent to send such deep thought out well written words. Writing is indeed a craft which is very personal and intimate.

Would you like to compose personalized letters and cards for your sweetheart, family members, friends and colleagues but don’t know where to begin? Paperless post has got you covered.

Paperless Post is a website that allows you  create personalized online cards like birthday, wedding, valentine, anniversaries, holiday cards and Flyers which all seem to have some sort of animation. While it’s true that personalized letters and cards are usually preferred over a greeting card, unfortunately most folks don’t put forth the extra effort to compose one. Although this may be due to lack of time, often people are too timid or lack the confidence to write their own. Many feel they don’t have the necessary writing skills or flair. Fortunately, writing of this nature can be mastered with a little practice and patience. You could be that writer that captures the heart of many.
For every quick note, word of encouragement, holiday greeting, or birthday wish, express yourself brilliantly with custom online cards from Paperless Post. They come around at the same time every year, so don’t let any of your friends’ birthdays catch you off-guard. With their selection of free online birthday cards for grown-ups and kids alike, you can celebrate your friend with ease. Equip yourself with a birthday card that’s perfect for your honoree and use their  online design tools to wrap up every last detail with a digital bow. Schedule it in advance to avoid any social miscues.

The first thing to remember when composing a  personal message to your mate or loved one is to write from the heart. Let the person know your true feelings, let them feel that emotion radiating from that message to them. This may include telling them how you felt when you first met, describing past events or occasions that are dear to your heart, or telling them of their qualities you find most attractive. Remember you are writing to an individual. Take time to personalize your letter, it will be cherished for years to come.

How many people do you know who have saved love letters that are decades old? Actually it’s not too uncommon for a person to keep hand written correspondence from a friend, colleague, family friends and loved ones, but as the years go by the inks begin to fade away and become unreadable. That  is aside from the negative impact use of paper has on the natural environment. Now how many people would be likely to save greeting cards from years gone by, maybe a few, while most of your friends might refer to you as a hoarder but the numbers are nowhere near that of paperless letters and cards. This fact alone should inspire you to create your own  genuine and personal greetings or invitations  by writing or creating a paperless post that can be saved online and read anytime.

You really  don’t need to wait for a certain event to express your feelings or passion of creativity to your loved ones, just sign up with Paperless Post and customize your personalized messages and cards. We all know that receiving an unexpected love card or notes from a loved one has the greatest impact. The recipient will be grateful that you took the time to express yourself for no special reason.

Writing is within you, it just means having a lone time with a little patience and good thoughts to write good words for the special ones you love.

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