Do you know you can be who you want to be  professionally?  Always have it in mind that your
success cannot depend on the opinions of others. Like the wind, opinions change…like the weather, opinions change frequently. To succeed at any endeavor, you must stay the course…no matter  the cost! Bloggeroutreach

Here are some surefire tips to help you on your journey.

1. Avoid Negativity. Negative people are all around us. They can include our loved ones as well as a dear friend. Most often, it is the opinions of  total strangers that breeds the most negativity as if someone who does not know or understand you is able to voice a reasonably thought out opinion about you.
You should not avoid those who are close to you, rather there are areas of conversation that are less profitable. Accept criticism constructively, but steer the conversation away from nonstop negative banter. Negativity will grow on you unless you take control.

2. Build Yourself Up. I do not mean for you to puff yourself up with pride, rather you can be your best source of encouragement. How can you do this? Read the testimonies of other entrepreneurs who have gone before you. Current day success stories of people who have gone from rags to riches or from simple means to great influence, Include personalities like Tayo Oviosu, Jim Ovia, Chimamanda Adiche, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and Bill Gates. Yesterdays success stories are numerous and include: Thomas Edison, Harry S. Truman, George Weah and Abraham Lincoln.

3. Go Back to Square One. Should you find yourself wavering, recall those things that encouraged you to take your step of faith in the first place. Recall what it takes to succeed: discipline, self confidence, independence, hard work, sacrifice, etc. Look forward to the anticipated results, a good income, independence, a job you love, etc. Finally, remember the worst job you ever worked…imagine yourself working there again. Blah! Use whatever it takes to motivate you.

So, toss off the negative thoughts and embrace that which is uplifting, inspiring, encouraging, warm, friendly, and helpful. You are on track to achieving great things as long as you do not let yourself become derailed by the negative words of others.

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