Do You Skip Breakfast? Wait!You have to Read this.

Work!Work ! Work, common people,The work schedules of  people have made them to totally skip breakfast as if it never exist.
It is now  a norm and our kids are now major partakers of these habits, The children are now made to eat only brunch at school. These habits have increased over time,and has caused much more damage to our system, there by increasing our calorie intake that is why we have more and more people suffering from obesity .

Obesity has become so increasingly popular especially for young kids,middle age and the working class. For the weight watchers skipping breakfast may not be a so good idea because it actually get you bigger. You know why? When you get too hungry the possibility of consuming more food and junk it's always on the high side. But to achieve your weight-loss goals you don't wait to get hungry and most importantly , do not skip the most important meal of the day which is breakfast.

Well skipping breakfast for kids is not very advisable ,children who skip breakfast finds it very difficult to concentrate there by making them look forward for brunch,they can't take instructions,so their ability to comprehend at that time is very minimal and it affects the academic performance of the children.

For those on the weight-loss regime, eating breakfast helps tremendously ,do not be deceived by theories that says skip breakfast to achieve excellent results for weight-loss. On the contrary weight-loss is not starvation ,you get good results when you do the right thing it's always very comforting to see hard works pay off. so please put these into consideration when next you want to skip a meal,    eat in moderation ,in potions don't wait to get too hungry to search for food. Remember, in order to reduce  your overall daily calorie intake for weight control,you most take breakfast.

 Observational studies by American nutrition association, indicate that breakfast consumption is linked to lower weight.  Data from the National Weight Control Registry demonstrated that 78% of the nearly 3,000 subjects included in the analysis (adults who had lost at least 13 kg and kept the weight off for a year or more) reported eating breakfast everyday and only 4% reported never eating breakfast.

 Further, a recent meta-analysis of observational studies that have evaluated the relation between weight and breakfast consumption found that skipping breakfast was associated with a 55% increased odds of having overweight or obesity.

 These findings are likely the reason many tout breakfast consumption as an important weight loss modality, despite these studies not actually testing that outcome.

Breakfast is normally a low calorie meal but highly nutritious should contain fruits and vegetables,while the brunch and dinner should contain a bit more calories.

In most of the world, breakfast is an important meal. "Tyler Cowen"


Paola Lauretano said...

So true, it's very important a good breakfast to start a new day!
Kisses, Paola.


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Lenya said...

Interesting post, and yes I do skip breakfeast.

Christina Lau said...

I literally can't get through the day without breakfast! Love the informative post.


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Chelsea said...

Thank you Paola

Chelsea said...

Thanks dear for stopping by.

Chelsea said...

Thank you dear, but please don't skip your meals,I love you loads!thanks xox.

Chelsea said...

Thanks dear,Christina,please keep it up,it's a healthy life style.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is interesting! I did not know that eating breakfast helped with weight-loss! Thanks for sharing these tips <3


Chelsea said...

Thank you sweetie Fe! Yes it helps.xox

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