According to a research that was completed by a team headed by an American  psychotherapist, Mrs. Synthia Power, who specializes in the area of "food and addiction",there is a very close relationship between our mood and the food

we select to eat.  wow! Awesome, I think am in that mood because of Christmas. Lol

Christmas is just some weeks away and people are all excited to get together with family, friends and colleagues to celebrate the festive period. During this time there are lots of activities everywhere, which makes people tend to over eat, because truth be told you can't afford not to eat when the delicious food, snacks, cakes and pastries are presented and of course that Christmas spirit.

I love Christmas and the joy it brings, I have realized that I am among those that love to have a taste of every thing during this season. well I didn't tell you all about my weight loss journey, huh I think am a food addict, I love food and everything about it, so this year, I decided to cut down on my intake, as such decided to go through the ketogenic lifestyle, it was tough though, but been a new year resolution, I decided to push through, well it paid off and am excited about my weight-loss milestone .

But wait a minute, have you ever felt the overwhelming need while sitting in front of the television screen in your favorite comfy clothes watching one more sitcom to get up and go to the kitchen in order to eat something more? although you have finished your dinner less than an hour ago?  Lol, I always do this! But this season I think I know better on how to control and subdue that urge for unwanted sweets.

But the most important thing is to eat healthy and be happy in and out. Please never starve yourself, it does more harm than good. Just listen to your body. if you are in the fitfam like me, my advise is eat but don't go over board. We all know that it will be difficult to avoid these meals but we can control our urge not to over eat. It's sometimes good to break the rules, common, it's Christmas let's celebrate.


edusetzina said...

Congrats on achieving your goal. I agree let’s enjoy the holiday season but not go overboard with it.

maryabbott said...

Well done on the weight loss! I agree I always feel the need to scoff everything! But moderation is key.

Mama Writes Reviews said...

Congrats!!! And no, don't starve yourself! Everything in moderation.

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